Home Decor Trends That Are Taking Knoxville By Storm

Did you know that applying a fresh coat of paint on your home's interior and exterior surfaces can boost property value up to $4,000? Many homeowners in Knoxville and other areas are familiar with this open secret and use it to reap big returns.

Painting aside, homeowners are using numerous other trendy modifications to increase their homes' curb appeal and resale value.

Statement Lighting

As the name suggests, statement lighting is designed to make a statement- it's bold, unique, and eye-catching. The fixtures, accessories, and fittings used in statement lighting stand out and can act as centerpieces in a room. Their combination and ultimate effect make living spaces beautiful and inviting.

Many homeowners in Knoxville now use statement lighting to not only improve their living spaces' aesthetic appeal but also to create the illusion of a raised ceiling. And you, too, can exploit this element.

Additionally, several hacks can help you make the most of statement lighting. For starters, you can try layering up your lights with ambient lighting overhead, task lighting close to your favorite reading chair, and backlight accents beneath the furniture.

Accent Walls

Have you ever noticed that some homes have one or two exterior and interior walls of different colors, designs, materials, or shades? They are known as accent walls and are becoming increasingly popular in Knoxville and many other areas.

Homeowners use accent walls to draw visual attention. You can use an interior accent wall as your living room's focal point or install one outside for improved curb appeal. Besides the living room, interior accent walls can be incredibly effective in the dining room, bedroom, home office, hallway, and bathroom areas.

And don't let other people's fears discourage you from trying out accent walls. Although some might be outdated, countless modern options are available today. For instance, you can use a stunning art piece or memorable photos to create a unique, attention-grabbing accent wall

POP Ceilings (Plaster of Paris)

Plaster of Paris ceilings are in now more than ever. Professionals use Plaster of Paris to make false ceilings, wall trims, accent decors, etc. It's a water and powdered calcium sulfate mixture that's known for its quick setting and hardening properties.

Most homeowners use POP ceilings to conceal wires. But, since this material is fire resistant, it may also improve your home's fire safety. Like most other false ceilings, pop ceilings can also increase your property's energy efficiency and enhance its soundproofing capabilities.

Multifunctional Living Spaces

The pandemic blurred the lines that divided our professional and personal lives. Today, everything is flexible and remote work is common. People have adapted to the changes in countless ways, with many opting for multifunctional living spaces.

A multifunctional living space allows you to do everything important, from entertaining guests and sleeping to working and relaxing. With careful zoning and planning, anyone can enjoy this amazing feature.

To create multifunctional living spaces in your Knoxville home, you must clearly define zones like your home office, relaxation space, and recreational area. You can use bespoke furniture, display shelving, or task lighting to achieve the desired effect.

Agreeable Gray and Earthy Paint Colors

One of the trendiest paint colors today is agreeable gray, which has a gorgeous, warm, greige hue and green undertones. People love it because it can enhance any room's visual appeal, especially when lots of artificial or natural lighting is in play.

Agreeable gray can also work wonders by intensifying darker colors and helping them to seem lighter, accentuating their appeal.

If aggregable gray doesn't tickle your fancies, earth-tone paint colors can do the trick. The latter is a timeless palette that comes in different varieties, including off-white, desert-inspired, muddied green, and soft cream shades. Earth-tone paint colors are ideal for homeowners who prefer warm, natural hues.

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