Deck Paint Cracking? It Might Be a Bigger Problem Than You Realize

Cracked paint may seem like a minor aesthetic issue, but this type of damage to your deck probably extends deeper than you realize. Repainting your deck regularly before you notice any significant changes is an important step in preventing structural damage to your deck and reducing typical repair costs. Here are five of the most significant reasons to address cracked paint as soon as possible. 

Reduce Future Cracking

Once your deck paint starts cracking, these imperfections often continue to spread relatively quickly. This means that what begins as a minor aesthetic issue may soon cover the majority of your deck or at least the full length of the boards it started on. Your deck may then look significantly worse and be more prone to other types of damage, which could result in more significant repair costs than you might experience if you had your entire deck repainted as soon as you noticed a problem or before your deck paint began cracking at all. 

New Paint May Not Adhere to Damaged Paint

Adding a fresh coat of paint is often the easiest way to change the appearance of your deck, but new paint may not always stick to cracked paint as easily as you would like it to. Paint may not effectively seal empty spaces created under more significant peeling paint or not stick to it at all, which can lead to bubbling, further peeling, and other types of ongoing damage. To address these potential problems, we may recommend stripping as much of the old paint off your deck as possible to create a smoother surface before adding new paint, but either of these options will likely cost more and be less effective than simply repainting your deck before it starts to peel. 

Lower Cost 

The size of your deck may not change, but chances are more paint will be needed to effectively cover peeling paint and make your deck appear as even as possible than the thinner layer that would be sufficient to cover a smoother deck that is in good repair. This means that you can expect to spend more per square foot to purchase enough paint to thoroughly cover your deck than you would if you had repainted it prior to any significant peeling. 

Damaged Paint Could Trap Moisture 

Rain and snow can become trapped under cracked, peeling, or otherwise damaged paint, which can significantly damage the rest of your deck. A wood deck that cannot dry properly may begin to rot and become a safety hazard as it weakens, while decks made from any material may grow mold and mildew. These problems are much more difficult and expensive to repair than repainting your deck as soon as you notice open areas in your paint, and they turn a situation that starts as an aesthetic issue into a structural concern that you may not be able to put off fixing. You also may not notice the full extent of water damage that is mainly under your paint until it becomes much more urgent than you expect it to be. 

Improved Appearance

Repainting your deck may not be as urgent as making structural repairs, but adding a fresh coat of paint more frequently instead of waiting until your deck badly needs it is a simple way to keep your deck looking its best. Paint can fade and experience other types of minor damage before you notice any significant cracking, which can reduce the overall curb appeal of your home and make spending time on your deck less enjoyable. 

At Jake's Affordable Painting, we are here to handle all your deck painting needs before your damaged paint becomes a much bigger issue. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of choosing us to keep your deck beautiful and functional or to request a free estimate!