Bring the University of Tennessee Home: Tips for Creating a UT Man Cave

Whether you're a Tennessee native, a University of Tennessee graduate, or someone who's simply a big fan of the team, you can take your man cave to the next level when you decorate it in a way that shows off your love for the University of Tennessee. The ultimate UT man cave is possible when you pay attention to the details and embrace your love for the University of Tennessee.

Picture yourself on gamedays in a UT man cave—what's better than watching UT football from your UT man cave? You can easily achieve this when you take a little bit of time and get creative. So, here are some tips and DIY projects that will help you achieve the perfect, budget-friendly UT man cave.

Hang Your UT Memorabilia

Any UT fan has memorabilia around the house. Whether you've got a jersey from your favorite player, pendant flags, pictures of campus, or another memorabilia item related to the school, don't keep your UT merch hidden away. Display it for you and your friends to enjoy in your man cave. That is, get your jersey framed (or frame it yourself)—the same goes for your pictures of campus and other UT posters.

If you have other UT merch, like branded footballs and other three-dimensional objects, you might want to build a shelf that can hold all your UT items. Making it yourself is simple when you follow this tutorial. Of course, as you might predict, you can even paint your shelves orange and white to reflect the colors of UT.

Find Special UT Furnishings

If you're a UT fan, you bleed orange, so it's important to find a couch that reflects your love for the team. Of course, in a man cave, you want seating that's comfortable and perfect for hosting friends. So, a couch is the best option for a man cave. After you find a couch that passes the comfort test, the watching sports with friends test, and all the other requirements you have, put a UT sofa protector on top of it. This way, your couch will repel spills and rips, and you'll have a prominent piece of UT merchandise in your man cave.

Keep Decorated Mini Fridges Stocked with Drinks

No matter what your game-day drink of choice is, you'll need to have a mini fridge in your man cave so that you can reach for a cold drink whenever you're craving one. Make sure your mini fridge is magnetic, because when it is, you can put fun UT magnets on it. Decorating your mini fridge is a great way to enhance the school spirit within your man cave.

Make Sure You've Got a Big TV

Although your man cave will be used on non-game days, one of the most important reasons for creating a man cave is so that you can watch games in it. So, make sure you've got a big TV for your man cave. Having a big TV will ensure that you can watch games, television and movies, play video games, and more, comfortably.

Paint Your Walls to Celebrate UT

Don't settle for boring plain walls, especially if you're trying to create a UT mancave that shows off your school spirit. Instead, paint your man-cave orange. You might even decide to paint a mural on the walls. You can paint your walls orange with some white accents, and if you're hesitant to paint your walls yourself, you can call in the professionals to help you out.

At Jake's Affordable Painting, we love the University of Tennessee as much as you do, so our team of expert painters would be glad to help you bring your UT man cave to life. For more information about our painting services, contact us.