Maintaining Your Fence: Replacement vs Repainting

A fence is an important part of any home design. When you have a private yard or garden, the fence provides both protection and privacy. It guards the borders of your property, keeps pets and children safe, and serves as an attractive addition to your outdoor space. Most residential fences are made of wood slats that create an opaque and sturdy barrier between your home and other properties. Some homes have a metal fence and some even have plastic. However, no fence lasts forever without maintenance.

Over time, your fence may begin to crack or develop a weathered appearance that is no longer attractive. You know that your fence needs care, but you may not be sure whether it's time for fence replacement, or if you just need a fresh coat of paint. That's what we're here to explore as we dive into the important decision between replacing or repainting your home's old fence.

Structurally Sound, But Weathered

Fences are typically built sturdily enough to provide many years of reliable service. Properly treated boards or coated bars can sometimes last through decades of sun, rain, and even storms. Being out in the weather can cause your fence paint to fade or even chip, but that doesn't mean that the fence itself has taken damage.

Walk around your fence and give it a structural inspection. Are the boards still straight? Do they hold fast if you give the boards a light kick? If so, then your fence will likely be as good as new with a light sanding and a splash of paint. This process will remove any old or peeling paint, help clean away years of dirt, and brighten up your fence with a new paint color of your choice.

Comparing the Cost of Fence Replacement vs. Repainting

Replacing your fence is no small task. Depending on your choice of materials, a wooden fence replacement can cost between $10 to $50 per foot of fencing. The average backyard is about 6,000 square feet with 150 linear feet of fenced perimeter. This means your new fence costs somewhere between $1,500 and $7,000, and you may be charged more for desired fence features or installation labor.

Vinyl fences tend to cost between $15 and $40 per linear foot, making this installation range somewhere between $2,250 and $6,000, plus labor. Installation can also take several days, including the removal of your old fence, bringing in the fencing materials, and the installation process.

Repainting Costs

Repainting your fence, on the other hand, costs a fraction of this expense. You will only need to cover the cost of the paint and labor. Repainting a wood or vinyl fence costs between $3 and $15 per linear foot, depending on the quality and brand of paint you select. This puts the repainting cost for 150 feet of fencing at $450 to $2,250. 

With this kind of price range, you can take care of your home's fencing over a single weekend without the need to dig up your yard or worry about a big installation process. 

Restoring and Protecting Your Fence

Repainting your fence isn't just for appearances. It can also protect your fence from future weather and help it provide a longer, more reliable performance. Professional fence painters know how to prep your fence and use the right paint to protect the materials underneath. Whether you have a wooden or vinyl fence, the paint will keep UV rays from the sun, high winds, or airborne dirt from causing damage to your fence over time. A fresh coat of paint every few years is a great way to avoid the need for fence replacement for a long time, while also keeping your fence looking bright and fresh.

Repaint Your Fence with Jake's Affordable Painting

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